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What We Do

Monarch Technologies specializes in a wide spectrum of software development and integration. Whether it be a full overhaul of a legacy system, or a simple web design, our firm encompasses all facets of development.

Our Services

Mobile Application Development
With our expertise in mobile development, we build enterprise grade applications that operate on all major operating systems, including iOS and Android. Our clients' ideas and inspirations always become a reality.

Web Application And Design
Whether you are aiming to rapidly develop a prototype or a large scale enterprise product, our firm can conceptualize and deliver, no matter the complexity of the project.

Integration Services And Development
We deliver large scale systems capable of communicating with other dependent or required systems that integrate new software platforms with existng ones.

Webpage Development
Whether it be for a large business or an individual website, we can design, create and maintain all varieties and functionalities of webpage development.

UI/UX Design
Great user experience and user interface design are increasingly becoming a necessary edge to all products. We specialize in not just delivering the technology, but we ensure a superior user experience as well.

Project Management
We have dedicated project managers guiding both the clients and engineers through the process to ensure a smooth development and delivery.

Quality Assurance
From beginning to end, we have professionals continually test our software to ensure its functionality and performance. Keeping with modern standards, we also provide development of automated test suites to minimize regression while developing new features.

After-Delivery Support
Once a project is delivered, we offer monthly and yearly support plans, in which our staff will provide support and maintenance.

Client Relationship Services
Throughout every project, our account managers assist our clients through every step in the development process. They can answer any questions and address any concerns. Clients are always in the know by accessing Monarch's Client Service Portal.


Making ideas and inspirations a reality.

Delivering prototypes and
large-scale enterprise products

No matter the complexity.

Delivering a superior
user interface design

Providing the ultimate user experience.

Assistance through every
step in the development process

No question left unanswered.

Our Strategy

Every client's needs are unique in their own right and our firm works closely with them to ensure expectations are not only met, but are exceeded, as many times ideas go beyond the original assessment. Although we work closely with our clients, our expertise and years in this industry provide them with the comfort that we know how to assess, collaborate, design, develop, review, and ultimately deploy their new technologies without encumbering their daily business or personal routine.

Our Expertise

Being seasoned and well-knowledgeable in this industry, our firm understand the growing dependencies, needs and requirements of projects. From experience in all facets of development, we specialize in a variety of technologies and tools.
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